About Us

Matthew James Financial Group is an independent Louisiana retirement planning financial firm. We are committed to helping Louisianans retire successfully. We take our clients’ objectives and circumstances very seriously — only assisting with actions that are in their best interest, in the world of investment advice is plagued with conflicts of interest, obscure disclosure, and an overall lack of transparency. At Matthew James Financial Group, we believe in creating Trust through Transparency.

With respect to money management, we offer a wide range of financial products and vehicles. As an independent office, we select the most advantageous products and systems available. Matthew James Financial Group often gains access to “ultra-exclusive” products, available to independent advisors on a limited basis. Whether you are interested in index or mutual funds, stocks and bonds, annuities, CDs, real estate, oil or gas, tactical asset management, or Modern Portfolio Theory, the team at Matthew James Financial Group will customize a portfolio that is designed for your unique needs.