About Us

About Us

Matthew James Financial Group is an independent Louisiana retirement planning financial firm. We are committed to helping Louisianans retire successfully. We take our clients' objectives and circumstances very seriously - only assisting with actions that are in their best interest, in the world of investment advice is plagued with conflicts of interest, obscure disclosure, and an overall lack of transparency. At Matthew James Financial Group, we believe in creating Trust through Transparency.

We provide retirement, and income solutions previously only available to the ultra-affluent.

The financial world is complex and you deserve an expert guide. We create plans that assist you in building and utilizing wealth in order to arrive at the retirement for which you have so carefully prepared.

We are retirement strategist, bound to the highest level of ethical and financial standards. We are committed to making the choices that directly benefit our clients and we remain independent while retaining access to a wealth of financial products.
We firmly recognize that our clients are the channel through which we derive our own livelihood. For this reason, our clients receive our highest level of attention, care, and gratitude. We will continue to strive in order to exceed the expectations of our clients and their families.

Matthew James Financial Group is an independent Retirement Planning firm located in Lafayette, La.

This means that our firm is 100 percent independent and not owned by, nor affiliated, with any insurance company, bank, or mutual fund family. This allows us to offer objective, unbiased advice without the hidden agenda or conflict of interest.
We specialize in the distribution phase of our clients’ financial lives by providing Retirees and Pre-Retirees with proven strategies that deliver security, consistency, and predictability in their retirement, regardless of stock market volatility from year to year. There are so many ideas and strategies out there, our focus is to evaluate your goals and identify competitive advantages in your retirement planning process that, according to Vanguard and Morningstar, can add upwards of 31 percent of value to your retirement in comparison to conventional wisdom.